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April 2014

Bearded Dragons
Written by: Dave C.
Grindal Worms Culture (2 oz) (Enchytraeus buchholzi) Maximize

Grindal Worms Culture (2 oz) (Enchytraeus buchholzi)

Enchytraeus buchholzi

Fantastic food for newborn fish fry

Great community freshwater aquarium food!

Very small worm that reproduces prolifically

Feeds on veggies, fruits, carbs, and fish foods.

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2 oz culture of Grindal Worms

Enchytraeus buchholzi

Small cup of live worms that will reproduce, just add small bits of bread or other foods for the little worms to eat.

When you want to feed some to your fish or tadpoles, just scoop a bit off with a spoon (or your finger if you're hardcore) and drop it into your aquarium. These little guys will actually live inside your tank for a good bit, until they are eventually eaten by your small and medium fish, tadpoles, or crayfish (blue and snow lobsters). These are excellent if you are raising baby fish fry or just want to feed your aquarium live natural food rather than manufactured compressed fish flakes.

Very small worm very similar to White Worms.


Larger than Microworms and Vinegar Eels.


Smaller than Black Worms.


If you'd like to try out a live food with your tropical community tank with livebearers, bettas, guppies, or similar fish, this is the perfect product for you. These little guys can be scooped off the lid and swirled into the water of your aquarium, sending your fish into a feeding frenzy with small white worms!! These worms will not harm your aquarium, nor will they infest your tank in case you were curious. These are 100% safe to feed to almost any small fish (I haven't heard of any, but of course, know your fish if you have a rare or unique fish).


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Vinegar Eels

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