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April 2014

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Beetles & Small Feeders (Frog Food)

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Beetles & Small Feeders (Frog Food)

Live Confused Flour Beetles, Bean Beetles, and other Frog Food for sale
Flour Beetles, Bean...

Live Confused Flour Beetles, Bean Beetles, and other Frog Food for sale
Flour Beetles, Bean Beetles, and even different Pet Beetles at time. This section is for those in search of any sort of beetle, as well as insects that are great for feeding small frogs, baby reptiles, and even small fish. Flour and Bean Beetles are prolific feeders, meaning that they will produce offspring on their own, without any additional work from you.



  • Bean Beetles

    Bean Beetles for Sale
    Bean Beetles are prolific and a great feeder for small to medium amphibians like dart frogs or small skinks. Cultured on top of black eyed peas, this beetle lays its eggs on top of the beans, so when the larvae hatch, they feed on the bean, boring into the middle of the bean, where it will remain until emerging as an adult beetle, ready to repeat the cycle all over again. Make sure you keep these secured inside of an escape-proof container.

  • Confused Flour Beetles

    Confused Rice Flour Beetles for Sale
    Looking for a feeder for your small amphibians that will breed themselves? Would you like to have a small sized feeder always on hand? Flour beetles are an excellent choice for you.

    Excellent prolific (self-breeding and producing) feeder that is excellent to have on hand. If you're like us, and want the healthiest feeder possible for your pet, make sure you grab some of our SPF Small Beetle Media with a wide range of grains, superfoods, and color enhancers. Or if it doesn't' really matter to you, you can culture these in any flour you want.

    Both the beetles and the larvae can be fed off to your pets.

  • Firebrats (Silverfish)

    Firebrats for Sale
    Firebrats live best in dry, hot environments, and are small enough to be fed to large dartfrogs and other amphibians. These Firebrats are Captive Bred and are not collected from the wild, where they could be exposed to any number of chemicals and bacteria. We raise these on our Cricket Crunch gutload at about 100 degrees.

  • Wheat Beetles (Weavils)

    Grain Beetles (Wheat Weevils) for Sale
    Sitophilus granarius
    Also called Wheat Weevils, Granary Weavils

    Small Pet Feeders only uses the best of ingredients when culturing our insects, and to optimize the health and nutrition of these particular Wheat Beetles, we culture these insects on high quality Wheat Grains (Wheat Berries), the same seeds used to grow wheat grass, and an excellent source of nutrition for all forms of life.

    Never need to be watered or fed!

    Produce for 3-6 months!

    The granary weevil is found throughout the temperate regions of the world and in cool upland areas of the tropics. It is a pest of stored maize, wheat, and other grains, so should be cultured and contained responsibly. Both adults and larvae feed on internally on various grains. We personally use Wheat Grains for our Wheat Beetle cultures. These are very slow to culture, but can be sped up by placing on a warm area or a heat pad.

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